Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Heathrow Terminal One Car Park

Welcome, its April 1974 and today we once again speed round the country lanes to Heathrow. For a change of view we are on top of the Terminal One car park for a panoramic vista of 28 Right. Its going to be a squeeze as the back seat is out of the vaguely rally prepared 1963 Austin Mini to make way for the full harness seatbelt anchors. But the Zenith B should be red hot by the end of the day with all the comings and goings at LHR.

The end of an era still in its B.O.A.C. colours but with British Airways titles is Boeing 747  G-AWNF.

A rarity for LHR even in 1974 is Electra Freighter LN-FDN.

Not yet displaced by its big brother is T.W.A. Boeing 707-320 N18702.

Touching down on 28 Right is Air India Boeing 707 VT-DJJ.

Climbing away is Swissair DC8 HB-ICK.

Back over on the Queens building a couple of years earlier is Lufthansa Boeing 737-130 D-ABEP with Munich Olympic's titles. Its a pity Boeing made the 100series 737 to small as it was a better looking aircraft than the stretched versions but unfortunately Lufthansa was the only airline that ordered it.

And so as the sun sets over the 10 Left threshold the Mini disappears into the gathering night and we say goodbye to Roger and Reggie till next time.

All photo's available as 6" x 4" prints. Please email for details.

If you would like to feed the fish just left click some food into the pond.


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