Thursday, 28 June 2012

Vancouver Beavers

Welcome, today we return to May 1981, having left the Austin Metro at Heathrow and winged our way across the pond in an Air Canada Tristar 500, we now explore some of the unknown backwaters of Vancouver International.

So here we are at the Domestic terminal and light aircraft maintenance area on the far side of YVR, and find an unusual visitor in Alaska Civil Air Patrol Beaver N5342G.

At the down town seaplane base we see Beaver C-FCQP moored to the landing stage.

Its a little know fact that as well as the international and domestic terminal YVR also has a seaplane terminal.
Here Beaver C-FGCY taxies up to the slipway.

Beaver C-FOCY  comes ashore at the YVR seaplane slipway.

And so as the sun sets in the west, Roger and Reggie make their way to the international terminal to board the BA 747 to cross back over the pond.

Friday, 22 June 2012

The Classics Revisited

Welcome, today we are scraping the dust off the slide archive to look at some classic airliners and airlines sadly no more to be seen in our skies.

An Airspeed Ambassador of BKS on short finals at an unknown destination.

Another of the BKS fleet this time Bristol Britannia G-ANBK. A little known and nerdy fact is BKS is the initials of the directors surnames Barnaby, Keegan (later of Transmeridian and BAF) and Stevens

Another Britannia this time British Eagle's G-AOVB.

Britannia 102 G-ANBM of Laker Airways.

On short finals to the end of the blog is Invicta International's Vickers Vanguard G-AXOY.

We hope you enjoyed this short walk through the archives and look forward to seeing you next time.

Friday, 15 June 2012

B.O.A.C. Classics

Welcome, Today we are scraping the dust off the archives  and looking at some of the classic pictures taken by that doyen of aviation photographers Charles E. Brown which have found their way into the collection over years, starting with a selection of post war B.O.A.C. types.

We start with Constellation G-ALAK.

Douglas DC7C G-AOIB.

Boeing Stratocruiser G-AKGM.

In B.O.A.C. colours prototype Bristol Britannia G-ALBO.

Thats it for now see you next time.

Friday, 8 June 2012

A Day Out at Finmere

Welcome, put on your thermals and bring a flask of hot tea, as its January 1976 and we are off to one of the small but regular events held by the  Vintage Aircraft Club, The New Year Fly In. The location is unusual being the former RAF Finmere near Buckingham which still has its tarmac runways which made it a rather upmarket farm strip with a small hangar housing amongst others the DH60 Moth G-ABAG, and was used  for regularly by  the Vintage Aircraft Club. Put your Zenith B's on the back seat as today we are in possibly the most knackered car of all, the amazing near Beach Buggy conversion of the Volkswagen Beetle with the front end cut down , the back end and  engine cover cut off  and replaced with a plastic cover, wide wheels and a standard saloon body in between. But the 6 volt electrics don't like the winter weather so it needs bump starting, and don't expect any warm air from the heater. So start pushing and off we go.

First arrival is Beagle Pup G-AXID

Well known Thruxton Jackaroo (4 seat tigermoth cabin conversion) G-AOIR

Tipsy Nipper G-AXLI

Another Thruxton Jackaroo G-APAJ.

So as the last aircraft disappears over the horizon into the gathering gloom, its time to push the Beach Buggy Beetle in the direction of Buckingham till we get 4 cylinders firing on a semi regular basis, and wave goodbye to Roger and Reggie.

Friday, 1 June 2012

The Skyfame Museum Staverton

Welcome, its May 1975 and today we are off to another long lost local airshow, this time at Gloucester Staverton  aerodrome for the Skyfame Museum's annual event, and probably the rarest static park to be found at any airshow, none of the aircraft whilst still in existence can be seen outside nowadays. The Mini Van is fuelled up and the Zenith B is full of Agfa Slide film so jump in and lets make tracks to the west.

First up is Avro Anson 1 N4877 G-AMDA which until a few years before this event was the last airworthy wartime Anson.

 Cierva Auto Gyro G-ACUU

Former Swedish Target Tug Firefly Z2033

Once again airworthy till a few of years previous is Airspeed Oxford V3388 G-AHTV.

The one off jet fighter flying boat Saunders Roe SRA1 TG263

And so as the Mini Van roars off on an easterly heading we say goodbye to Roger and Reggie till next time.