Monday, 30 July 2012

Number 49 in a Never Ending Series

Friday, 27 July 2012

Classic Farnborough

today we blow some more dust off the archives and return to Farnborough Air Shows of the 1950's with some official Air Ministry (ah remember the days when the man on the air ministry roof would stick his finger in the air, look at a piece of seaweed and give you an accurate weather forecast without the aid of a computer?) photo's of the participants.

Two also rans, the Short Sperrin back up in case the Valiant,Victor and Vulcan didn't work, followed by the Short Seamew contender for the Fairey Gannet programme.

Vickers Valiant WB215.

Straight sweep Avro Vulcan prototype VX770

Vulcan aerodynamic test aircraft Avro 707 WB280

So we return to the air ministry roof to see what this weekends weather will be. Till next time.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Extreme Aircraft Spotting

Its April 1982 today we are off on one of the furthest spotting trips possible, to Mount Cook airfield in New Zealand, so you had better bring some extra tea and sandwiches as we going via a Pan American 747 to Auckland  then we will drive to Wellington catch an Air New Zealand F27 to Blenheim  then drive to Mount Cook via Christchurch. So lets be off as its going to take about 5 days !

So here we are at last, and first up is Mount Cook Airlines Cessna 185 ski plane ZK-CAV used for trips up the mountain to land on a glacier.

Showing the various titles used is Mount Cook Line Islander ZK-MCC as with all aircraft in New Zealand not expected to fly overseas the ZK is not used in the registration marks.

Air Safaris GAF Nomad ZK-NOM.

Air Safaris Pilatus Porter ZK-PTP.

And so as the Mitsubishi Colt roars off back in the direction of Christchurch we say goodbye to Roger and Reggie till next time.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Right Colours Wrong Name

Welcome, today you can choose your own mode of transport and camera, as we are looking at aircraft seen at Luton during the 1970's with unusual titles or colours when leased to other airlines.

Its december 1975  lousy day as usual when something unsual happens, and          Aer Lingus Boeing 737 EI-ASK arrives in Air Malta colours.

British Midland Viscount 800 G-AZLT  with Cyprus Airways titles. This would be taken just after the Greek Turkish war over Cyprus when Nicosia was captured by the Turks so Larnaca was hastily made into the southern airport with a short runway and a few porta cabins, and BMA was subcontacted to operate Cyprus Airways services.

Another lousy day as Britannia Airways Boeing 737 G-BAZG prepares to depart on lease to Yemen Airways.

Seaboard World's DC8 N804SW on lease to IAS.

And finally the ultimate mixture, Eagle Air Iceland's Boeing 720 TF-VLC in Air Malta colours with Britannia Airways titles.

And so we say goodbye to Roger and Reggie till next time.

Friday, 6 July 2012

International Air Tattoo 1979

Welcome, It's going to be a tight squeeze to get you all into the MG Midget today, as we head south down the A34 to make a return visit to RAF Greenham Common for the 1979 Air Tattoo. Today we are looking at some of the Military Executive Aircraft used to transport the Scrambled Egg around the world.

First is Convair R4Y-1  141023 of the US Navy.

Beech Kingair 200 31213 of the USAF.

The Lockheed Jetstar 1 was originally designed for a USAF transport / training requirement but first flew as a twin engine aircraft  with Rolls Royce Orpheus engines  as there was no US engine in that power range, so the change was made to four lower powered units of US origin.

Swearingen Merlin CF05 of the Belgium Airforce

Another aircraft designed for the same USAF requirement as the Jetstar, North American Sabreliner  24461.

And so as the MG Midget roars off up the A34 in a cloud of blue smoke ( I must get those piston rings sorted one day) we bid farewell to Roger and Reggie till nex time.