Friday, 27 July 2012

Classic Farnborough

today we blow some more dust off the archives and return to Farnborough Air Shows of the 1950's with some official Air Ministry (ah remember the days when the man on the air ministry roof would stick his finger in the air, look at a piece of seaweed and give you an accurate weather forecast without the aid of a computer?) photo's of the participants.

Two also rans, the Short Sperrin back up in case the Valiant,Victor and Vulcan didn't work, followed by the Short Seamew contender for the Fairey Gannet programme.

Vickers Valiant WB215.

Straight sweep Avro Vulcan prototype VX770

Vulcan aerodynamic test aircraft Avro 707 WB280

So we return to the air ministry roof to see what this weekends weather will be. Till next time.

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