Friday, 1 June 2012

The Skyfame Museum Staverton

Welcome, its May 1975 and today we are off to another long lost local airshow, this time at Gloucester Staverton  aerodrome for the Skyfame Museum's annual event, and probably the rarest static park to be found at any airshow, none of the aircraft whilst still in existence can be seen outside nowadays. The Mini Van is fuelled up and the Zenith B is full of Agfa Slide film so jump in and lets make tracks to the west.

First up is Avro Anson 1 N4877 G-AMDA which until a few years before this event was the last airworthy wartime Anson.

 Cierva Auto Gyro G-ACUU

Former Swedish Target Tug Firefly Z2033

Once again airworthy till a few of years previous is Airspeed Oxford V3388 G-AHTV.

The one off jet fighter flying boat Saunders Roe SRA1 TG263

And so as the Mini Van roars off on an easterly heading we say goodbye to Roger and Reggie till next time.

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