Friday, 8 June 2012

A Day Out at Finmere

Welcome, put on your thermals and bring a flask of hot tea, as its January 1976 and we are off to one of the small but regular events held by the  Vintage Aircraft Club, The New Year Fly In. The location is unusual being the former RAF Finmere near Buckingham which still has its tarmac runways which made it a rather upmarket farm strip with a small hangar housing amongst others the DH60 Moth G-ABAG, and was used  for regularly by  the Vintage Aircraft Club. Put your Zenith B's on the back seat as today we are in possibly the most knackered car of all, the amazing near Beach Buggy conversion of the Volkswagen Beetle with the front end cut down , the back end and  engine cover cut off  and replaced with a plastic cover, wide wheels and a standard saloon body in between. But the 6 volt electrics don't like the winter weather so it needs bump starting, and don't expect any warm air from the heater. So start pushing and off we go.

First arrival is Beagle Pup G-AXID

Well known Thruxton Jackaroo (4 seat tigermoth cabin conversion) G-AOIR

Tipsy Nipper G-AXLI

Another Thruxton Jackaroo G-APAJ.

So as the last aircraft disappears over the horizon into the gathering gloom, its time to push the Beach Buggy Beetle in the direction of Buckingham till we get 4 cylinders firing on a semi regular basis, and wave goodbye to Roger and Reggie.

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