Thursday, 28 June 2012

Vancouver Beavers

Welcome, today we return to May 1981, having left the Austin Metro at Heathrow and winged our way across the pond in an Air Canada Tristar 500, we now explore some of the unknown backwaters of Vancouver International.

So here we are at the Domestic terminal and light aircraft maintenance area on the far side of YVR, and find an unusual visitor in Alaska Civil Air Patrol Beaver N5342G.

At the down town seaplane base we see Beaver C-FCQP moored to the landing stage.

Its a little know fact that as well as the international and domestic terminal YVR also has a seaplane terminal.
Here Beaver C-FGCY taxies up to the slipway.

Beaver C-FOCY  comes ashore at the YVR seaplane slipway.

And so as the sun sets in the west, Roger and Reggie make their way to the international terminal to board the BA 747 to cross back over the pond.

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