Thursday, 8 March 2012

Luton Airport 1970

Welcome, Its Instamatic time again, join us as we take a very slow trip to Luton in early 1970 courtesy of United Counties Number 61 Bristol Lodekker to Luton Bus station then the town bus to the airport, so there is plenty of room for everyone but you will have to pay your own bus fare, about 1s6d. Sorry the pics are typical instamatic quality but none the less interesting, unfortunately not having discovered the delights of the Ian Allen British Civil Aircraft Registration yet I don't have all the registrations.

Autair Helicopters Bell 47 Crop Sprayer G-ATZX

Flying Enterprise AKA Luton Flying Club Piper Apache G-ARBN.

In a state of semi decay on the grass is Miles Messenger G-AJKL

Autair and Courtline's 111-400 G-AWBL

A rarity even then was Ted Smith Aerostar N7480S

And so as the bus chugs its way past the terminal building we say goodbye to Roger and Reggie till next time.

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