Thursday, 3 May 2012

Military Visitors at Luton

Welcome, Luton used to get a large number of military aircraft passing through during the 1970,s and 80's and here we review a small selection of what was on offer. As the photo's are spread over a number of  years you can choose your own mode of transport and camera. So lets be off up the hill to see today's selection.

First today is Aeronavale 84 one of many French Navy C47's that were regular visitors to Luton during the 70's

Hawker Hunter T7 G-BOOM seen in June 1982 was an occasional visitor.

Hawker Hunter T7 G-BOOM once again this time in May 1983 being rolled out in new colours after a respray by McAlpine Aviation.

French Navy again this time Nord262 Aeronavale 75. Although not built in large numbers the Nord's were a regular sight at Luton. Note the Swedish Airforce C47 in the background.

Continuing the theme Nord 262 Aeronavale 72.

A rare visitor is XS606 the Empire Test Pilots School  Hawker Siddley Andover, with a gust measuring instrument attached to the nose.

And so as we disappear over the horizon into the sunset, we say say goodbye to Roger and Reggie till next time.

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