Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Battle of Britain Day 1982

Welcome Viewers,

Its September 1982, so its time to crank up the 990cc's in the Austin Metro and point west to RAF Abingdon  for the annual Battle of Britain Display. Today we are expecting something unusual with the first showing of Argentine aircraft captures in the Falklands.

First up is an Augusta 109

First of the overseas visitors is Danish Air Force 2 seat F16 ET209

In a strange colour scheme is an Argentine Huey

The furthest away from home today is Indian Air force 2 seat Jaguar J1002

Still airworthy but unfortunately not in the flying display is Meteor F8 VZ467

Another Falklands veteran Pucara A533

Former gate guardian Spitfire F22 PK624 making a rare appearance outside

One of Abingdons long term residents a Super VC10 hiding its identity under a cocoon. The British Airways Super VC10s earmarked for tanker conversion were stored outside at Abingdon for a number of years. firstly open to the elements then just before they were moved to Filton, in made to measure  plastic bags  for a year or so before being left in the open again.

And so as the Metro disappears in a cloud of dust round the Oxford bypass we say goodbye to Uncle Roger and Reggie until their next adventure.

All photos are available to purchase as 6" x 4" prints , please email for details.

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