Friday, 4 November 2011

A visit to the McAlpine Hangar


Today we once again make our way  around the Luton perimeter road to visit the McAlpine Aviation hangar to view the visiting HS125s. There is always something unusual to be found inside the hangar  with the large number of executive aircraft passing through. So jump into the Morris Marina and lets go. By the way I still haven't found the source of the rear axle clonk so keep listening for it as we go.

We start  with HS125-600B 5N-ARN  one of an increasing number of  Nigerian exec jets passing  through in the early 80s

Next another HS125-600B HZ-DAC  one of several Saudi 125s maintained by McAlpine.

Here is the Mercedes Benz HS125-3BRA D-CAMB  parked on the light aircraft stand.

A rare beast to be found this side of the pond  a short range HS125-3A N229P belonging to the Lady J Corporation.

Another unusual registration to be found on an HS125-600B in the early 80s YU-BME.

Another rarity seen for one day only, an HS125-600B sporting 2 registrations  for its delivery flight, the former LeBourget resident F-BKMC with its new reg G-BETV awaiting painting in Tenneco Colours.

Ready to depart after maintenance we find HS125-600B HZ-YA1.

So we thank McAlpine for allowing us access to their hangar and head back down the airport hill till next time.

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