Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Luton Airport 1979

Welcome, the Morris Marina is ready and the Canon AE1 has plenty of film left, so lets head up the hill to Luton once again, can you still keep an ear out for the clonking from the rear axle as the source is still a mystery !

An unusual arrival is Boeing 737 C-FPWD of Pacific Western here for a summer lease.

Just turning onto stand is DC8 TC-JBV of BHY Bursa Airlines.

Its July 1979 and the last ever flight of an aircraft in Laker colours arrives as the Skytrain DC10 G-GFAL shuts down ready for repainting in Continental colours.

Familiar airline unusual registration. F27 PH-KFH  of British Midland whistles onto the light aircraft parking area.

Summer brings a number of European charter operators into Luton, here is Boeing 727 F-GCGQ of Europe Aero Service.

Passing through a long way from home is Gulfstream 1  VH-WPA of Skywest Airlines.

And finally we see Boeing 737  G-BKHO of the short lived Orion Airways, later taken over by Britannia Airways.

And so as the Marina clonks its way into the sunset round the perimeter road we say goodbye to Roger and Reggie till next time.

P.S. if you would like to feed the fish, just left click some food into the pond and watch them chase after it. 

All photo's available as 6" x 4" prints, please email for details.

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