Sunday, 15 January 2012

Texas 1978

Welcome, Today we are off to somewhere a bit more exotic, leaving the Morris Marina in the long stay car park at Gatwick we head out over the pond for a classic crossing in British Caledonian's Boeing 707-321c G-ATZC to Houston followed by the Southwest Boeing 737 "Lovejet" to Dallas for some classic Military spotting.

First Stop is  Carswell AFB where we find Texas Air Guard  KC97 53-0283

Nearby is Vietnam Veteran B52D 55-0054

Also still operational at Carswell is another Vietnam Veteran AFRES F105D Thud 60-458.

We move on to Ellinton AFB  and see another veteran, a visiting F106B Delta Dart 59-0158.

Resident at Ellington and still soldiering on from the 50's is F101B Voodoo 57-427 of the Texas Air Guard where we were told to photograph anything we liked "as there's nothing secret here"

Moving onto the NASA area of Ellington we find another survivor of the 50's  a Martin WB57F N925NA on a weather research programme and still flying high enough to require the crew to wear space suits.

Found in a corner of Harlingen  is a large part of the former TWA fleet of Convair 880's now owned by American Jet Industries awaiting sale, including N801AJ/N804AJ/N806AJ

And so as our Southwest "Lovejet" climbs away into the distance towards our waiting  BCAL 707 we say goodbye to Roger and Reggie till next time.

All photo's available as 6" x 4" prints. Please email for details.

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