Friday, 27 April 2012

BAC 1-11's at Luton Airport

Welcome, today you can choose your own transport and camera as we are looking at BAC 1-11's over several years as they passed through Luton.  Remember the roar of the Rolls Royce Spey's  on a hot day as a Courtline 1-11 with 119 plus 2 on board takes the full length of the runway to get airborne,  still to be heard as it disappears over the horizon in a nose up attitude climbing away like a homesick mole, hoping it might reach flight level 190 by the time it gets to France. Happy days, why do they complain about aircraft noise nowadays?

In for  repainting ready for summer lease is Cayman Airways VR-CAB

Taxying past is British Island Airways  G-AXOX.

Air UK G-CBIA taxying out.

Viewed at point alpha from the fire station roof is Courtline's G-AXMF.

An Unusual colour scheme for Dan Air is G-TARO in its former Tarom scheme.

Coastal states Gas executive 1-11 ( or Bark as they were known in the USA) N500CS

Monarch's G-AWWZ on a typically wet Luton apron.

So we say goodbye to Roger and Reggie as they disappear round the perimeter road, till next time.

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