Monday, 2 April 2012

Luton Airport Graveyard 1972

Welcome, it's April 1972 and today we are off to Luton once again, this time to view the residents of the Graveyard. There is plenty of room as we are in the Bedford HA van today, and the Agfa Stillette Rapide is loaded with black and white film, so lets be off and rattle our way up the hill to the airport.                                                                            

Viewed across an empty long term car park are the last of the Britannia 102's G-ANBE and G-ANBL with their Britannia Airways titles painted out.

In those days the graveyard area was not fenced off from the road so you could wander at leisure around the  residents. Here is another view of Britannia's G-ANBL and G-ANBE before they were finally cut up in July 1972.

Prototype Handley Page Jetstream G-ATXJ  behind the MacAlpine hangar.

The B25 Film Camera ship  N7614C  behind the MacAlpine Hangar before it was finally evicted to make way for MacAlpine's second hangar.

Not resident but wedged in between the Monarch and Britannia Brit's is Dan Air's HS748 G-AXVG

And so as the HA Van rattles it's way into the sunset we say goodbye to Roger and Reggie till next time.

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