Friday, 23 December 2011

Back to Luton 1976

Welcome, there is plenty of room in the back of the Mini Van, check you have enough film for the Zenith B, and we will roll back the years to 1976 as we head off to Luton Airport.

Its march and we see Britannia 9Q-CAJ belonging to A.M.A.Z. taxying out. One of a number of small cargo airlines that emerged when the RAF demobbed the Britannia 253 fleet.

A regular visitor around this time was Barvaria's BAC 1-11 D-AMUC.

Bringing in fans for the Rugby international is Air Alpes F27 F-BYAB.

Dan Air's ill fated HS748 G-ASPL, lost some years later when the passenger door came off in flight and wrapped itself around the tailplane.

Parked on the light aircraft stand is HS125-1B/R G-ATWH belonging to GKN this is an unusual HS125 series 1 having been modified with the long range ventral fuel tank which first appeared on the series 3.  We also catch a fleeting glimpse of the legendary Mini Van.

A rare sight at Luton is Saturn's L100 N10ST one of a number of visits in early 1976 to move the  Courtline stock of Tristar spares to the USA. You may have noticed the aircraft is banking to the right whilst taxying, this is due to fuel pump failure in the starboard outer tanks leading to a fuel imbalance.

So as the Mini Van achieves V2 along the perimeter road we say goodbye to Roger and Reggie till next time.

All photo's are available to purchase as 6" x 4" prints to UK addresses, please email for details.

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