Monday, 26 December 2011

RAF Britannia's at Luton

Welcome, once again we burn rubber in the Mini Van as we head up the hill to Luton Airport, today we are looking at Bristol Britannia's in RAF markings.

RAF Britannia's were regular visitors to Luton during the early 70's operating trooping flights to and from Germany. Luton had a joint services trooping centre based there, as Britannia Airways were operating 20 - 30 trooping flights per week during this period. Here we see XL637 taxying in.

 XL660 arriving in June 1976.

XM491 receiving attention from the Monarch engineers in September 1975.

XM520 wearing a roughly daubed 9G-ACE awaiting conversion to civilian status for Geminair.

XM404 being towed to the graveyard for cutting up after removal of all useful spare parts in November 1976.

Its going to be a chilly ride home as by November of 1976 we had swapped the luxury of the Mini Van for the wind in the hair thrill of the MG Midget so you are going to have to sit on the boot lid to get home. Till next time.

All photo's available as 6" x 4" prints, please email for details.

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