Saturday, 31 December 2011

Luton Visitors

Welcome, as its christmas and today's selection are from various era's you can choose your own mode of transport and camera today.

First up today is French Navy C47  84-2. French Navy C47s were regular visitors to Luton during the 1970's.

Long time resident of the Graveyard and possibly the only Boeing 720 to be stolen is the ex Aero America Boeing 720  N7522A.  As the story goes, after failing to find a buyer and accumulating a huge amount in parking fees the Boeing was sold for scrap to offset some of the money, and moved to the engine run bay. One saturday  a couple of large trucks and a JCB turned up and said they had come to cut up the 720, and were duly escorted out to the run up bay no questions asked . Over the saturday and sunday they did an amazingly quick job of cutting and removing the aircraft. Monday morning  came and another set of trucks  arrived asking where their Beoing 720 was so they could cut it up ! Red faces all round at Airport Security.

Seen during the final summer of Comet operations by Dan Air is the ex RAF G-BDIT.

Its July 1981 and seen a long way from home is Corvette VH-MEI.

Another short lived operation under the Skyways banner was Skyways Air Cargo FH227 G-SKYA.

Wondering where the sunshine went on a typical wet and cold day at Luton is Air Florida Boeing 737 N37AF about to start its summer lease to Britannia Airways.

And so as Roger and Reggie disappear in a cloud of dust around the perimeter road we say Happy New  Year and look forward to seeing you again in 2012.

All photo's available as 6" x 4" prints. Please email for details.

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  1. VH-MEI is a Dassault Falcon 10, not a Aerospatial Corvette.